July 18, 2008

Crafty ideas

So Paul and I have been in our apartment for about a year now, and I'm itching to get out. Not because it isn't a fabulous apartment, just that I'm really wanting a balcony to put all my plants on, and a 2nd bedroom for guests and my crafts :) Selfish, I know! Well, we won't be moving any time soon, as it's a great location and price...so until then, I'm making do with what I've got and I'm rearranging and decorating like nobody's business.

Last night I began the process of setting up my craft station in our bedroom. There's a little nook next to our closet that I've been eyeing since we moved in. I'm not quite done yet (but will post pics soon!) I'm getting some inspiration from Alicia Paulson's studio:

Now granted, she's a full time crafter, so I could never replicate her cute studio - however, I'm gonna try to make my little corner as cute as possible! Luckily I have a weekend all to myself (the first in months!), and I plan on sprucing up the apartment as much as possible :)


Sew Bettie said...

That is a great studio.

malcomama said...

Isn't Alicia P. just a FORCE to be reckoned with?! I swear, she's the queen of crafting...anything! I keep hoping to bump into her at one of the local Portland craft/fabric stores or Sauvie Island u-pick farms!!! :)