July 23, 2008

Drawstring bags

I'm always looking for a fun project that is simple, requires few materials, and can be finished before my crafting ADD kicks in. Lately I've been using my favorite Hello Kitty drawstring pouch to keep my purse essentials in (this makes the transferring of the purses a lot easier)...so I decided to make a few more using some scrap fabric I had lying around.

The first 2 are nothing fancy - just fun fabric I had leftover. The last I tried embellish a little bit, and I embroidered a cute little bird on. I think they turned out pretty great, and I'm looking forward to making lots more of these for my buddies. In fact, these 3 will be given away tonight at our Ladies that Dine dinner!


malcomama said...

Uh...this is SO FUNNY: I make these same little cute drawstring bags (and embroider them, too) all the time!!! And, get this, I also copied my favorite hello kitty bag for inspiration! Ha!! They're fast, fun, useful, and so precious...Nice work, S.

malcomama said...

PS: I should add that the birdie bag is my FAVE...great embroidery work!