April 26, 2011

Camera time

I finally did it. I bought a DSLR camera. I'm been drooling over this one for a while, and it finally went on sale at Best Buy. So, I did it. Sure, I'll be unemployed in a month, but I am trying to drum up some event planning business (and need to take great pics of the work I'll be doing). Anyway, I need to take good care of my new snazzy camera by keeping it in a stylish bag. I've scoured the internet for the cutest/most functional bags. Please, my friends, tell me what one you like the best!

The Backgammon bag from Ketti Handbags

The Ginger from Epiphanie

TheSLR Sloop from the PhotoJojo store (comes in different colors!)

The Rose bag in Pewter by Jo Totes

What do you guys think??

1 comment:

Angi B said...

oooo...ahhh! Love them all for different reasons, but I think you'd love an over-the-shoulder-across the torso strap.