April 25, 2011

A weekend at the parents

A few weekends ago, we made the trek up to my parents house to meet our new niece Riley, and introduce Coco to the family of dogs. At first I was a little nervous, as Coco had only met 1 other dog in her short life. Over the weekend, she interacted with 8 dogs; not just interacted, but played, ran, and jumped with them. She had a great time as part of the pack, and it was so nice to see her running around in the meadow. She was so good and kept close to us, despite the 90 acres she had to run around. And boy, was she tired! I can't wait to bring her back (and I'm sure she can't wait either)!

Sitting pretty

The view of the house from the meadow

Coco watching Reggie in the pond

My little bearded lady!

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