November 17, 2011

Fried Green Tomatoes

the bounty's not just a movie, it's a real food. And a delicious one at that! Yesterday I went into my garden to check on the dwindling tomato plants. There were tons of green ones, and I picked a lot of them assuming they would never turn red with the upcoming winter. What does one do with 20 green tomatoes? Fries them! I mixed about a cup of corn meal, 1 tbl paprika, 2 t garlic salt, pepper and salt to taste - coated the sliced tomatoes in an egg and cornmeal mixture, and fried them in olive oil. We dipped them in a spicy garlic aoili (i.e. mayo). Delish! The trick I realized this time is to not overcook the tomatoes. The coating should be crispy, but the inside should be slightly firm. Otherwise they are a soggy mess.

green toms

the delicious result!


Sophia said...

Ooh! We have a bunch in our kitchen that we had to pick when it got so cold the other week-will definitely try this!

tera said...

You are awesome shannon! I'm going to copy you!