September 23, 2005

arrrr matey.....

i thought that i was born to live in the water....but today i was proven WRONG.

a swimmer at the age of 6 months? check. a participant in swim races? check. constant earaches from swimming as a kid? check. river guide? check. water skiier? check. hut tub lover? double check. ohhh...but cruise ship captain? not so much....

well, i wasn't actually the captain of the cruise ship, but honestly i should have been! it never occurred to me that i would be getting sick on the "booze cruise" from sea sickness. too much to drink, sure, but not sea sickness! and while i never got physically sick, i did feel like puking the whole time i was on the boat.

let me back up friends and i signed up to go on this grad school "booze cruise". something that i would never sign up for alone, but they wanted to go and i said, hey, why not? the company of my friends was great, but the rest of the 650+ stupid BC grad students was unpleasant to say the least. that's not fair, some of them were cool. then again i didn't even start talking to them, as i passed by conversations that included "well, when I went to harvard"...and "no way, he was eating her out!" yuck. not my kind of people. but people watching was in full effect, and the cheesy-ass d.j. kept the bad songs rolling so i could get the full view of bump-age and grind-age on the dance floor. now THAT was worth the $25!

and while i looked forward to the post party downtown, i decided to catch the last train home. a party pooper, i know, but this poor girl's stomach is seriously hurting. it's in the genes, i know since my dad always gets seasick. i could've saved myself the $25 with a little more thought...but then i wouldn't have gotten to see everything i saw!

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