September 11, 2005

a night of random adventures

so things got a little bit crazy last night.....

my friend megan called me in the afternoon to let me know that our friend had VIP tickets to the free Cake show downtown. never one to pass up a free show, i decided to head down there and see what it was all about. we all met up amidst the chaos of screaming 13-17 year olds and couldn't find the way into the VIP section. we gave up, yes, but we were now on another mission: to drink as much as possible that evening. it doesn't sound healthy, i know, but we were all "celebrating" the survival of the first week of school. and you know me, never one to pass up on drinking beers with good folks!

after we had 2 drinks at this shee shee place downtown, we headed up to beacon hill to get some pizza and beer. the random plan of the moment had turned into feeding ourselves, and drinking. so we got some pizza, some beer, and headed over to the boston common (the park) to eat and drink said pizza and beer. only we didn't drink the beer....we shotgunned them under a big dark willow tree with little mallard ducks everywhere trying to eat our pizza. it was quite hilarious, considering 2 of the girls had difficulty shotgunning the beers and it spilled all over them. imagine us 4 girls, emerging from under the willow tree, with beer all over our shirts, pizza in our hands, and ducks at our feet. it was CLASSIC.

onward now to clery's, some pub in the south end that i had heard a lot about. i immediately felt out of place because i wasn't showing enough cleavage (guess i didn't get the memo....) oh well, we danced until 1 then headed down to southie for one more beer. like i really needed it.

those familiar with the movie "good will hunting" know that southie is where the characters come from. and since i've moved to boston, i've been wanting to go to the L street tavern, which was in the movie. since i was crashing at megan's place (she lives in southie), we decided to have just one more at the tavern. now i have to admit, that part of the night was a little blurry, but it didn't look too much like it did in the movie. i mean, the outside looks the same, but not the inside. oh well, it was worth it.....

a night of random adventures....always a good time!

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Anonymous said...

ahhhhhh!! Im so sad I missed the L street tavern!! :( so so sad..... but that is definitely classic times with the ducks and the beer in the park. Talk to you soon friend!