September 6, 2005

new friends...

you know what one of the coolest things in the world is?? meeting new friends. yeah, and though i don't like to admit it, i am judgemental. for example, if i see a girl wearing pearl earrings, a ralph lauren polo shirt with the collar popped, 7 jeans, carrying a louis vuitton purse, OF COURSE i'm going to make fun of her. and probably not want to talk to her other than ask where the closest H&M is. i'm sorry, it's a character flaw in me, but at least i admit it! so anyway, in a town that's full of the aforementioned population of females, it's SO great to meet others like me. and that's like finding a needle in a haystack, considering my hippy/socialist self.

this has all become apparent to me after drinking beers with a friend tonight. see, she had met 2 really cool girls on her recent social work trip to africa, and was like "i can't believe you guys don't know would totally get along!" i had my doubts, i have to admit, and was pretty much betting on them being the coach purse carrying type. but to my surprise, they were COOL. and that's awesome, considering the fact that i haven't found too many cool people in boston. i mean, it's a great town and all, but it's too consumed with pretentious bullshit. and come on, that's just not me!

so anyway we all spent the evening envisioning a perfect world (as all social workers do)....questioning the powers that be and vowing to motivate our fellow BC students to end their complacency to the "man". it's a large feat, i know, but i'm optomistic.....

isn't it great to find needles in the haystack???

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