September 22, 2005

"until the city and the country ain't divided....until then"

last night i went to my first live music show since i've been back in beantown. i've been craving live music, (since i got so much of it this summer), and i'm taking advantage of the fact that there are so many great bands and artists coming through boston. the guy's name is citizen cope, and he's fuckin' amazing. i can't even describe his music, but he's just great. check him out! the place was packed and there weren't too many anooying BC/BU students there. actually, it was a chill crowd which was nice. although i do have to admit that i *may* have had too much to drink, and towards the end of the night, i was chatting at a very high volume (hey, the music stopped and i didn't adjust my voice level!) was a great night. makes me wish that i had a musical gift of some sort. well, i've always got my rythym, that's for sure!

tomorrow night i've signed myself up for a BC grad school booze cruise...what have i gotten myself into? yeah, trying to mingle with law and MBA students? that's gonna be great. i can't wait. no really, i can't (damn, sarcasm is hard to portray in blogs!) anyway, i know that my friends and i will be the plastered ones in the corner, making fun of the aforementioned students. heaven help me if i ever become one of them! (no offense to anyone out there fitting that's just not me). but hey, i'm a team player, and my friends really wanted to network (aka get some law school ass) so i'm supporting their decision and going. plus, i have to show off my fulton fashionista self (as jenneth cole calls it). an occasion to get dressed up and drink is one i'm always down for.

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