November 17, 2010

Catalog Living

Have you ever been to Catalog Living? It is hands down one of the most hilarious mockery websites ever (Hipster Puppies is another). They post the most random quotes onto catalog photos - the rest speaks for itself:

"Gary and Elaine ran down to the water, giggling like children in anticipation of the first dresser of the season washing ashore."

These photos and quotes always brighten up my day, and remind me to not take all of the decor blogs I read too seriously....


liz said...

OK, I love Catalog Living and Unhappy Hipsters, but I've never seen Hipster Puppies. Now I am sitting here giggling in my in-laws living room and I can't really bring myself to try to explain why.

malcomama said...

So true...what snooty nonsense sometimes! I love you chickens! They're so pretty!