November 11, 2010

To card or not to card?

I can't wait to have kids - mostly so I can design fun photo Holiday cards! I kid, I kid. Last year, I decided to make a photo card because we had some awesome shots from our wedding that I had to share with our friends and family. After checking out the different options, I ended up using Shutterfly for them, and they turned out great! (in fact, I still have one hanging on our fridge, where it will remain for a while).

This year, I'm thinking about taking a photo of Paul and I in front of our new house. I mean, it was definitely the biggest thing that happened to us this year (and we're so proud of it!) A few of my favorite holiday cards are:

One thing that I look forward to this time of year is receiving a photo wall calendar from my in-laws - Marie also makes them on Shutterfly, and they are so fun to look through! I made a few last year with wedding photos for my grandparents, and they loved them!

One more thing that I like on Shutterfly that I'm considering getting for my brother and sister-in-law - a pewter ornament with their wedding photo in it. Wouldn't that make a great "1st year of marriage" present?

I can't wait to get to ordering...first up though - Thanksgiving!!

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