November 9, 2010

PaperSource Hack: DIY gift tags

I know it's my favorite time of year because the PaperSource Holiday Catalog Edition is here! I seriously cannot walk into that store without dropping $100, so that catalog is my wallet's saving grace. Though I drool over all of the pages, I do save a few for a fun DIY holiday project. Why spend a few bucks on gift tags when you can make cute ones for free? I've only used the PaperSource catalog for this, but I'm sure it'll work for any stationary catalog.

Step 1: Locate your PaperSource Holiday Edition Catalog

Step 2: Find the pages with the examples of their holiday cards. Cut the ones that look good (and that are readable)

This squirrel is one of my favorites

Step 3: Glue mini-card to solid color cardstock (plain paper will work too). Incidentally, these are leftover Papersource notecards from our wedding.

Step 4: Use fun scrapbook scissors and cut around edges. Be sure to leave space at the top for the string

Step 5: Use hole punch to make 1 hole in the top center of the tag

Insert twine, raffia or ribbon...and ta-da!

A bunch of free and cute DIY holiday gift tags

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love these! - Monkey