January 5, 2011

New Year, fresh start!

Wow, it's Wednesday and I'm still recovering from my vacation! I'll do a recap post soon (once the pics are uploaded), but in the meantime, I wanted to talk about my need for a fresh start this year. And by that I mean freshening up our house. As most of you know, we bought our first house in June - we haven't done too much to it on the inside - mostly just fun stuff on the outside. I told myself in June that we would wait for the winter to begin inside projects (since who wants to paint when it's 90 degrees outside)? Anyway, we scored a bunch of great Home Depot gift cards which will be perfect for our inside-the-house projects. First up, I want to paint our bedroom. Something gray and smokey - or maybe green and soothing. I'm not quite sure just yet, but Making it Lovely's bedroom has my style written all over it:

What do you think - dark gray? Or soothing green?

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lw said...

i painted my bedroom a smokey grey (that has hints of green in it)...i LOVE it. you can make the room modern and dreamy all at once! i'll have to send you pictures :)