October 25, 2010

22 days old (3 weeks)

The chickies are officially 3 weeks and are doing great! So far, Foghorn, Leghorn, and Rafiki's personalities have started blossoming even more. Foghorn is the friendliest of the bunch, and doesn't mind when I pick her up. She's always the first to come when I have treats. Leghorn is the bravest - she was the first to hop on the water feeder, then I found her perched on the top of the brooder! (I finally had to put a screen over them so there were no escapes). Rafiki definitely has "short hen" syndrome. She's the smallest and therefore pretends she's the biggest. She's always pushing the others out of the way, and has started gently pecking Foghorn and Leghorn when they are on the roost (she's having a hard time getting up there). Anyway, their antics continue to amuse all of us!

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Jenny Cole said...

wow! New blog is looking fab, I'm impressed! Look at you, with your tweets on the side bar:) I love this chicken fun fest that you are having!!!! I cannot wait until i can have some fun of my own with a yard and chickens someday... until then I will just live vicariously through you and your special ladies;)