October 20, 2010

Here they are!

my new 10 day old baby chicks

Here they are, our new girls: 3 Barred Plymouth Rock hens from the feedstore. They are (in no particular order), Rafiki, Foghorn, and still-to-be-named. I'm seriously in chicken heaven. I'm so excited to have these little cuties here (and it helps that Paul likes them as well, along with the neighborhood kids). I had originally ordered some Rhode Island Reds and an Orpington, but the feed store in Vallejo was unsure if they would even be making the order. So, we went to Napa instead, and the Barred Rock were the best egg layers/friendliest there. (incidentally, they are making the order, and I think we'll be getting 1 orpington next week!)

So, what's up with the 2 strange names? And why is one still unnamed? Well, Rafiki refers to the monkey in the Lion King that has no hair on it's butt (this is due to the fact that she had an unfortunate poop accident, and the only remedy was to remove some of her feathers leaving her a bare ass). This is called "pasty butt" for all you non-chicken people. Anyway I think Rafiki is already pissed at me for this and peeps loudly when I pick her up.

Foghorn (short for Foghorn Leghorn) refers to the chicken (rooster, actually) in the old Warner Bros. cartoons. You know, the big white rooster? Anyway, Foghorn has a big white spot on her head, and is a sweetheart. She doesn't mind being picked up and eats out of your hand.

The final, no-name girl is also a sweetheart. I think she may be the tamest of all, and she lets me pick her up and doesn't freak out. I need to think of a good name to call her - I feel bad that she doesn't have one yet.

I really have had chicken on the brain for the last few days, and now that they are here it's worse! Last night I spent an hour just watching them peck around in the little brooder I made them. They drink, they peck, they eat, and they clean their feathers. So far the cats know that something is up in the spare room, but they haven't been too curious. Let's hope it stays that way!

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