October 21, 2010


A scene from Soulemama's house

I've always known that I'm a domestic person. I like to sew, bake, garden, cook - use my hands in any way to create something. Now usually, these items don't turn out exactly how I want them to, but that's not the point. The point is that I like creating. Now that we have our own home(!) these domestic urges are like, 10 fold. I want to paint and clean and garden and cook...and..and..and...the list keeps growing, but I don't mind! There's something to be said about investing in something and making it your own. Paul could really care less about the color of our curtains or the fact that we don't have a bed skirt - but he loves his garage and everything in it. It's actually been a struggle for me to focus on my work ("career"), knowing that there are so many exciting things to be created at home. I didn't realize how much this would really change my routine, as now I'm constantly thinking about new recipes, vegetables to can, or how to make my own dish cloths. In my dream world, I would live like SouleMama (who recently moved into a new house, complete with a barn, pigs, and their 4 kids). She gets to create things at home, with her kids and honey around. That simple(r) life sounds pretty great right about now....

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