October 13, 2010

To Utah!

Last week I was in Utah under different circumstances - rather than floating down rivers, I was there to look for venues for upcoming NWP events. Utah was in full fall bloom - the aspens were turning a golden yellow on highway 80 through the mountains of Park City, and snow was barely visible on the Uintahs. Our trip was quick - 2 days and 6 venues to visit. My favorite out of all of them was Sundance. I can't believe I've never visited there before (though I've been through Provo Canyon many times). The grounds were lush, the hills covered in grasses, and the pines were high up on the mountains. The accommodations were amazing (a no-brainer!), and I was surprised at how eco-friendly their practices are. I even came home with a recycled-glass handmade tile. I want to tile my bathroom with many of them!

I mean, what's not to love? Robert Redford lives there! (or so rumor has it)

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