June 26, 2005

blazing in boston

yuck. i'm sticky. i'm hot. it's humid. yes, the summer has finally arrived in boston! jenny and i refer to the heat as "blazing saddles". it's definately blazing saddles in boston.

i just returned from a little trip to the cape to visit a new friend....we chilled, drank beers, played frisbee, and well....drank beers! it was soooo nice being on the ocean. it smelled like santa cruz, and i began to reminisce about the good ole days in the cruz....i didn't realize just how much i miss california. don't get me wrong, boston is a great place to be! but ahhh, to be chillin' on the beach in the SC, having a bonfire at twin lakes beach, and eating sushi at pink godzilla sounds just too damn good right now!

other than that, nothing new to report on shannon's whereabouts. i'm about to start writing this huge community assessment paper on tuolumne county (which is going to take up all of the 3 weeks i have left here). as is to be expected, i am DREADING going to the library tomorrow. oh well, at least it will be air conditioned....

for now, i'm gonna go change my sheets. i think it's time to get rid of the flannel sheets for some soft cotton ones. oh yeah, and i had to break down and buy a fan today. it's just too blazing saddles in this apartment!

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