June 3, 2005

down for the count!

It's Friday night, the weather has been great, and there's a Sox game on. And I'm curled up on the couch with a giant headache!?! AHHH! It appears as though I've come down with a sinus infection, which has proven to be very annoying considering the fact that I'm leaving for Bonnaroo in less than 6 days (whoohoo!)

Anyway, Jenny and Stephanie (an old friend from high school) got sweet tickets to the game tonight. they luckily get to partake in the hot dog eating, beer drinking, and cheering festivities. and i'm jealous :(

So I'm just gonna curl up on the couch, make some popcorn, take my amoxicillin, and watch a movie. Hopefully this time tomorrow I'll be drinking beers and watching the game....

oh yeah, this pic was from the last game Jenny and I went to in May. Posted by Hello

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your mother said...

Shannon - what's up with the picture of you and Jenny at Fenway? Is there something you haven't told all of us? Are you "hiding" in Boston for a reason other than grad school - or is that just your purse taking-up all that room in front of you !!