June 22, 2005

focus, focus!


it's been an INSANE past couple of weeks....and i've been a bad blogger. i'm sorry :( i promise i'll be better! i've just returned from my short trip to california...back to boston where the weather is nasty and people look at me strange because i have a nice tan!

the flight out home was rather interesting....i swear there were 15 babies on board, all with dirty diapers crying there eyes out! needless to say i got zero sleep (plus, the baby poo smell was just a little too much for me). definately made my uterus say "yeah, not ready for that yet!"

my pops picked me up in pleasanton after a nice lunch with my grandmother. once home i got to see both my stepbrothers whom i haven't seen in a long time (one is in the coastguard stationed in oregon, while the other is in the army stationed in washington). i always joke with my hippie stepmom tish - "you're a hippie, how come your sons are in the service?" there's just somethings you can't figure out! after that, we had a nice bbq at my mom's house. i invited my guide friends who had just gotten off the tuolumne (high water trips at 10,000 cfs make me wanna shit my pants, but they think it's fun!) my mom, kevin, and my friend matt braved the rain and bbqed the shish kabobs i made. it was great to get caught up with them on all of their winter travels. made me jealous, and made me feel like i had a lazy winter!

my bro's graduation in davis was great....jason, matt and i pounded beers in the parking lot before the (yawn!) LOOOONG ceremony. someone had to be drinking! but i don't know if that was such a good idea, since i started to fall asleep during the ceremony! (no offense aaron, i'm sure you started to fall asleep during mine!) the party/bbq afterwards at my aunt and uncles new house in folsom was great. good food, family....played in the pool and the hot tub, did sake bombs with the 'rents....you know, just like any other trip home!! the next day we went out on folsom lake in my aunt and uncles new 24 ft boat. yeah, it's frikkin' HUGE! i was just trying to soak up the sun, since there's not much of it here!!

so...now it's time to FOCUS. only 3 weeks left of summer school (hahaha, bet you forgot i was in summer school!) and a few papers left to finish. i've already got summer running through my veins, so a little support from you all to stay focused would be appreciated :) hope all is well!

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