June 14, 2005


So, there's just no possible way to describe the incredible weekend I just had. Let's just say, Jenny and I are EXTREMELY sad to have left the farm. But we made tons of friends, saw some incredible musicians, and soaked in lots of sun (and rain)! This blog would be way too long to describe the whole experience, but here's some highlights from our 4 days at Bonnaroo:

-hippies EVERYWHERE. you think that they no longer exist, but they do! and they walk around naked! and roll around in the mud after it rains! and have children with dreadlocks!

-our camp was located in "camp happy gilmore", and we made friends with some FUN people. the neighbors we got to know were from california and north carolina. bubba (from NC) thought it would be a good idea to cook hot dogs in beer instead of water. they became our neighbors after their campsite was flooded and their car had to be pulled out of the mud.

-let's just say, it was a "introduction to the drug culture 101". yeah....people sucking on nitrus filled balloons, peddlers selling mushrooms and weed...and well, a whole lotta other things i had no CLUE about :) oh yeah, and a man dressed up as santa claus approached our tent and declared, "get me high, dammit!"

-"swamp music" became the song of the weekend. because it rained so much, everything was muddy. this became a problem for jenny, who only had flip flops. she slipped a couple times in the mud and had to be rescued by our california friends.

-outhouses for 70,000 people? yeah, i don't need to provide a visual for that one. you get it?

-AMAZING performances by jack johnson, alison krauss, ray lamontagne (check this guy OUT, he's absolutely incredible), the john butler trio, citizen cope, galactic, jurassic 5, and de la soul.

-the "karnival" parade. my costume consisted of angel wings and a halo, while jenny was decked out in lots of mardi gras beads. our friend paul was dressed up like jesus, and his brother Sean was wearing a prom dress. When we got separated from each other, i wandered around asking people, "have you seen jesus?" (yeah, i had had a couple beers for SURE!)

....and so the recovery begins!!

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