June 10, 2005

bonnaroo BAY-BEE!!!

yeah!!! we've arrived!!! (and it's just kinda weird that i'm blogging in the middle of a field in tennessee surrounded by lots and lots of fellow festival folk!) anyway our flight left at 6am and my friend annika graciously brought us to the airport at 4:30. yuck! layover in detroit for an hour (that wasn't so bad, we got to catch up on the sleep we didn't get the night before). made it to the humid state of tennessee, and was greeted by hundreds of other bonnaroo goers at the airport. the bus ride here was a breeze, and we got to bypass all of the traffic (which was INSANE! people waiting in line for literally hours just to get through the gates. it was basically a parking lot).

we were dropped off near the camping only section of the "farm" which is great because it's super close to "centeroo" (where all of the stages/food/games/vendors are). we set up our tent, made our little site and introduced ourselves to our neighbors. the crowd here is SO diverse. aaron (brother), i thought of you because you would be having a BALL people watching. seriously, there are hippies, wookies, frat boys, bohemian girls, naked girls, yuppies, old people, young (and i mean young!) people. yeah, it's great. i think the best part so far has been jenny and i people watching. we drank some beers, walked around and got to know where we were situated so that when the shows start today we know what stages to go to. there are literally 80 abnds playing on like 5 different stages, so we're carefully planning who we're gonna watch, when. there's also a beer garden, a air conditioned tent that plays movies 24 hours a day, batting cages, a game room, an autograph place, vendors, a general store just in case you forgot something. oh yeah, and an internet place with free internet and free use of phones in the US...it's CRAZY! soooo much fun! 70,000 people all living together for 4 days....i love it :)

today we have a packed schedule of band after band....starting with joss stone, then jurassic 5, ray lamontagne, dave matthews...tonight there's a "mardi gras" dance that we might get dressed up for. though people here have some crazy costumes that i don't think we can compare to.

the weather is humid, and it sprinkled a little bit but it felt SO good.

have a GREAT day!

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Sign me up for next year!