June 2, 2005

help me find a home!

....so i've realized that i've seriously taken my living situation for granted. i mean, who could compare to my current roommate, ms. jenny cole? she's clean, does her dishes, has a wonderful array of hairproducts, an even larger collection of earrings...and even lets me snack on her trail mix! but alas, this girl is headin' back to the greener grass of california, and i'm stuck looking for another place to live. now, this wouldn't be so hard if our landlord wasn't a dick and i wanted to find a new roommate. nope, i'm off searching for some poor souls who will let me call their house my new home. the past few mornings have begun with a search on craigslist. (FYI, if you don't regularly check out craigslist, it's an ABSOLUTE MUST!) a hilarious community website where you can find a roommate, red sox tickets, free sofas, and even boyfriends! so anyway, i've been replying to ads looking for roommates for september 1st. and these ads are few and far between, because everyone is looking for roommates for the summer. i've responded to about 10 ads, and have received only 2 or so responses.....friggin' craigslist. anyway, i checked out a place last week and was greeted by a small man named jerry**. jerry was looking for a roommate to fill an empty room (that was currently filled with loads of shit). he proceded to show me around the disgusting apartment, complete with a fooseball table, 3 aquariums with tropical frogs (cool!), 2 hookas, and many mexican jesus candles. all the while, there was this weird christian chanting music going on, and i felt like i was at a mass or something. yeah, i tried to make small talk and pretend like i was interested in the place, but it was so hard not to , say "look jerry, this place is a fucking pigsty, and i don't think anyone in their right mind would live here!" but no, i held my tongue, asked if heat and hot water were included in the price, and how nice the landlord was. then i grabbed my purse and took off! so tonight i'm supposed to check out another place....this one is with 2 guys and a girl. the place is really close to my old deli job (grrrrr.....) but very close to the T. i'm keeping my fingers crossed.... ** name changed to protect jerry's privacy :)

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