June 6, 2005

the Bonnaroo countdown begins!

so i know that everyone i talk to is SICK AND TIRED of hearing me talk about bonnaroo....(i think jenny has even come close to strangling me a couple times!) but how can i not be excited?? 4 days of camping, sun, beer, and music? jack johnson? jurassic 5? iron and wine? dave matthews? joss stone? allison krauss? ray lamontagne? a beer garden? a cinema tent? not to mention lots of southern boys with nice twangy accents! hahahah.

in preparation for the event, jenny and i headed off to good old target (tar-JEY) to get the needed supplies. and yeah, it was on a whim so we took a cab there. classy, huh? i wandered the store aimlessly and piled the cart high with unneccesary supplies (like a good mother figure, jenny made me put many things back)....but we ended up with cowboy hats, a solid tarp, a few bungy cords, and lots of granola bars. sweet! and no, we didn't take a cab home, but trekked to the nearest bus stop. (and what a ride THAT was...stuffy bus + lots of passengers + no air conditioning+dirty diapers = eeew, sick i think i need to barf!)

now all that's left is to sit through 6 hours of excruciating pain (also know as summer school) tomorrow, and wednesday is dedicated to baking snacks for the trip. our flight leaves at 6am thursday morning (good god!) but that's okay....

3 more days, whoohooo!

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