June 8, 2005

get me outta here!

allright, well as you all know....jenny and i board the plane bound for tennessee tomorrow morning at 6am. yes, that's pretty damn early, i know....but at this point i'm seriously counting down the hours til we leave. i'm already on "bonnaroo time" (have been for months!) so anything i attempt to do today takes a little bit longer to get done. i was supposed to start writing a paper that's due next week (thought i'd get a jump start on it)....figured i'd try to pack first, pick up the tent, and get that all outta the way so i could "focus" on writing the paper. but no, after i finished everything i just sat staring at my computer screen. "i wonder how hot it's going to be?"...."so how are we gonna make shade out of a 8x10 foot tarp with no poles?"...."hope someone will let us borrow some ice"....yeah, couldn't concentrate on ANYTHING.

i guess the most exciting part about this for me is the fact that it's the beginning of my summer travels! after this it's on to california for my bro's graduation. (round 1 of the cross-country summer trek). and really, i mean next year i'll have to be looking for a job....so i might as well enjoy the summer of travel, right?

ok, well i can't even concentrate on finishing this blog so i'm gonna go for a run (make that a jog)....

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