February 11, 2011

Annual Review time

It's that time of year in the NWP - the time when educators from across the network come to Berkeley to review continuing funding applications for current sites. What does this mean/entail, you ask? Well, each wonderful site across our network (over 200 in all 50 states, DC, PR, and the Virgin Islands) must submit a proposal to get federal funding every year. Leaders from across these sites gather in Berkeley in February to do a peer review of these applications, recommend sites for funding, and write each site a thoughtful letter, telling them what a great job they are doing.

All of this happens in 2 1/2 days at the beautiful Berkeley City Club. Needless to say it takes lots of coordination, organization, and paperwork to get this all accomplished. This used to be one of the main events that I helped support (before my promotion). I'm still helping out this year, but don't have to worry about how the leaders got here or whether or not they have their pencil sharpener. I get to chit chat with my favorite site folks and make sure there's enough chocolate on the tables.

Here are a few shots from the morning:

The morning welcome

One of the review rooms

And a few of the Berkeley City Club. In case you didn't know, this place was designed by Julia Morgan (who also designed the Hearst Castle):

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