February 22, 2011

Introducing Coco Boling

The newest member of the family (aka "Fulton farm" as some people have called it). I have to say that it's not actually just the Fulton farm - it's the Boling farm too, since Paul is the number 1 supporter of adopting Coco.

Last night we spent some quality pup cuddle time with Coco (we don't pick her up until Sunday). Knock on wood, but she was a joy! She took to snuggling in her bed, and licked/played with her new stuffed monkey toy. We have made all of the preparations in our home for her arrival - I just can't wait! We've been talking about getting a dog for at least a year - we couldn't decide on the right time, the right breed, etc. Then this little mutt came into our lives. We realized that there's never the "perfect" time to get a dog (like having a child) - but we feel prepared enough to take on the house training right now and give her enough love to be a wonderful family dog. Welcome to the farm family Coco!

1 comment:

malcomama said...

She is a dolly!!! Wish we could play with her!