February 23, 2011

Ladies that Craft

Knowing I had some serious crafting to complete before my spring travels, I held a "Ladies that Craft" lunch/craft session on Saturday. I invited 2 of my craftiest friends, and we sat around my table, ate yummy food, drank wine, and crafted away. Erin made a delicious Lemon Pound Cake (which we had for dessert) and was working on a few knitted items. Jenny and I worked on a few things for her sisters upcoming baby shower:

Awesome streamers from Oh Happy Day

Poms from Martha Stewart

A make-your-own-onesie station

Can't show pics of our final projects, as it's supposed to be a surprise for the mama and papa-to-be. Additionally, I worked on a new quilt for another mama and papa-to-be (those pics to come soon). This is definitely going to become a permanent "Ladies that..." event. Wanna join us??

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Erin said...

I'm definitely in favor of making this a regular event. :) Nice post!