February 7, 2011

A week at the Ranch

I've finally had the chance to download some of my pics from my visit to Redtail Ranch (aka my parents ranch) over the holiday break. The week I spent there involved good food, dogs, horses, thrift store shopping, friends, and snow. The biggest news was the welcoming of my mom, Kevin, and Rick's new Arabian horses (Mimi and Rio). They came all the way from West Virginia to be a part of the circus...err...ranch.

Up by the barn

Buster Boy

Toby (aka Mr. Ed)


Thrift store find


Obligatory tractor photo

I do love visiting the ranch, and a week was just the right amount of time. My mom has reported that the new horses are doing well - and she's thinking about getting some chickens this spring! Quite the circus I tell you!

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