February 15, 2011

Most productive day off EVER

Today, I finally tackled a project that's been a thorn in my side for many months - the craft room. About a month ago, I painted a few walls a beautiful color called "Solitude" - I couldn't decide what new furniture I needed, what I already owned that I would repurpose, or how I would arrange it all. Well, my friends, I'm so excited with the results! I can't wait to start crafting away in this space!

Closet Before:

Closet After:

Ikea table for crafts:

My sewing space:

Bulletin board up close:


Sophia said...

LOVE this!!

Tara said...

I actually hate how much I love this. Can I hire you?

Shannon said...

@tara - best comment EVER. and yes, please hire me. i'd love to see you!

Jenny Cole said...

woooooo!! Totes gorge work as always! I'm happy the dresser fits right in, and the ikea accessories pull it all together:)