February 9, 2011

Year of the rabbit

It's not surprising that this year is the "Year of the Rabbit" in the Chinese calendar. Seriously, people are having babies like bunnies this year! I already have 2 friends and a sister-in-law that have given birth within the first 5 weeks of 2011, and about 5 other friends/acquaintances that are due this summer. Not to mention all of the celebrities that are pregnant. It's in the water, I'm telling you!

This all means that it's time to get busy on baby projects (and by that I mean presents - not the baby making process) I already have 1 quilt in pre-production, and a few other small items in the works. My favorite piece so far is this cute onesie I "designed" online from this screen shop in Cincinnati (of all places). The graphics were limited, and since I don't have photoshop, I couldn't put anything fancy together. However, I thought the generic rafting clip art and the funky 70's font make it a fun and festive addition to the little guys wardrobe. Let's go rafting!

Sorry for the poor quality photo (I need a new camera!)


Heather Brooks Freer said...

Can you make this on a 24T, a 5 boys, an 8 girls, and a 43 yr old (T) size? So cute!

malcomama said...

No kidding! We've had 2 friends and a neighbor have babes at the turn of the new year...

As for stars: Having babies is the new black.