February 17, 2011

Snow in SF?

If you've ever needed evidence of global warming, come to the bay area. Last week, we had temps in the 70's, sun, and warm breezes. Today we have dumping rain, fierce winds, and snow on Mt. Diablo. Now really, we've always had this kind of bi-polar winter weather (ever since I can remember, at least) - though it seems like it's getting even wackier. I remember when I was a small child and it snowed on the hill tops in San Jose (elevation 1000ft maybe?), though I've never heard of snow fall in San Francisco. Today there was an interesting article on The Poop (San Fransisco Chronicle's baby blog. Don't ask). It featured some really old photos of the "great snows" of SF:

Probably easier to stay warm in petticoats
From the collection of John Carpenter/Chronicle archives

Outside of the Conservatory of Flowers in GGP
Courtesy Edward Brown & Lorio/Chronicle archives

Crazy hippies
UPI photos

The SFO airport
Aero Photographers/Special to the Chronicle

When I lived in Boston, I thought the city looked so beautiful when it snowed. Never mind what it looked like after the snow (i.e. dirty slush, garbage, and salt everywhere). I have a few distinct memories of staring out my window on Commonwealth Ave, watching the snow fall and feeling like I was in the middle of a forest. No cars driving by, no people on the street - just the quiet noise the snow makes. I would be stoked for a Berkeley snow day right about now!

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